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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you pronounce your name?
In English, my first name is pronounced "KNEE-ER-KAH".
As a quick tool, I often tell my clients:
"I'll always be 'near' and add the 'ka'" 
The name originates from Russia, but I am of Hispanic descent. It emigrated throughout Latin America long ago.
  • Do you conduct sessions in Spanish?
¡Sí! Sóy fluida en Español.
  • Tell me more about in person vs online therapy. Is it effective? 
I consider the therapeutic relationship to be the most important predictor of client success. In addition, personalized treatment to fit an individual's needs is crucial. It is possible to develop both via video conferencing. In all, the client's personal preference is key. 
Research continuously shows that online-video based psychotherapy can be beneficial for the delivery of certain therapeutic techniques in response to certain clinical presentations. For instance, a number of studies have shown that online treatment can be just as effective as in person therapy for the treatment of anxiety, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder when using evidenced based approaches. I would not recommend online therapy while in states of crisis or psychosis.
See the following literature to further investigate this topic:
  • Additional Questions?
Feel free to contact me!
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